Twelve514 – The Commencement

The originiation of twelve514 was born from the ethos of LEAD in every simple and implicit  meaning of the word LEAD

The naming convention origination twelve514:

  • L – Twelve – 12th letter of the alphabet
  • E – 5 – 5th¬†letter of the alphabet
  • A – 1 – 1st letter of the alphabet
  • D – 4 – 4thletter of the alphabet


The Brand Purpose origination of twelve514:

LEAD – Simply defines who I am and that which my principals, values and ethos epitomises in all I do and live for from a brand purpose perspective. Lead defines what the future of twelve514 will stand for as a strong competing brand in that of thought leadership inclusive of envisaged future initiatives yet to be released as a strong competing value proposition in niche strategies.


Culture Change